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Fresh Ideas For Your Home

Fresh Ideas

January-February 2017

Tips and ideas for your home from L.W.P. Home Products

A shot of espresso adds a positive jolt to your decor!

Brown, and especially the shade of espresso, is a rich, earthy color that can anchor an entire room with spirit and coziness. 

Because espresso is also about nature, it makes people feel comfortable and cocooned. In fact, it’s generally thought that shades of brown promote a feeling of warmth, protection and relaxation. 

A striking piece of modern art can anchor a room beautifully.

Art in any style is a welcome enhancement to a home. The colors, shapes, brushstrokes and composition of modern art evoke a feeling, with their movement, energy and form. 

Modern art most often is abstract, but sometimes it’s figurative, depicting visual reality. Modern art can be created in any medium in most any size and shape. It can be calming or energizing, monochromatic or brimming with color. 

An antique design element can update your home decor.

Have you inherited an antique from a favorite relative or purchased a vintage piece from a local flea market or on a foreign vacation? Not sure how to integrate it into your home design? 

Don’t despair. A touch of antiques can add to most any decorating style beautifully – and you’ll be saving a family heirloom or preserving a special memory. The surprise influence of an antique adds depth to a room and helps make it more beautiful and interesting.